Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It have been few weeks i didn't update of what i am doing except sharing about the thesis writing skills. Yes, i've been quite busy with friends coming from Yemen and also the thesis writing.

Now, i am still busy writing. I just started my day today, after waking up at 10.30am with Zara. Bathed Zara then took my bath then ready for thesis writing. Before that, updating my blog. :)

(macam bosan pulak banyak perkataan 'thesis writing')

Okay, last february, i don't remember the exact date, my sisters from Yemen came by to visit us. Halia and Safia. It have been nearly 9 years i didn't meet Halia. She now, coming over bringing her daughter, Reham, and her sister, Safia. We had great times together. We went to few malls together and they shopped like hell. :) Then, on their last nite here, we went to Hard Rock Cafe in KL. Sudah pasti Zara berteman sama Reham, mereka seumuran, Reham hanya tua beberapa hari. But, Zara, she controlled everything, everything is NO to Reham.. Huh.. They were staying at our house for the whole visit, which is 10 days.

And now, we miss them alot!

Nothing much updates for the thesis writing. Just sometimes i feel tense.

There are so much in my head now that i wanted to do but that many things can only be done if only my thesis is done. Hmmm.. Sakit juak palak ku mikir hal tok.

I got to:
1) Siapkan penulisan thesis
2) Saya nak cat bilik saya dan hias bilik untuk menyambut kelahiran bayi yang kedua.
3) Jahit baju tidur Zara
4) Starting a post about the awareness of breastfeeding
p/s I'll be posting our photos on our few last week's activities later. ;P

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