Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am proud to say that i am a Housewife


I've been trying my very best to be a perfect housewife.

I've talked and discussed with my best friend, Neng on how can I be a perfect housewife since Neng know one person that we both adore so much, whose handling her life to the tip top as a housewife..

Well, for me, put Housewife as a job and of course, responsibility. If we can see it that way, Insya Allah, we'll can handle everything smoothly.

Why? Okay. These few weeks, i've been blog hopping, i've been listening to my friend's story on how perfect others life is. In the mean of, they always look beautiful, they have content life, and they are very good at managing time and themselves.

I love to involve in fashion. I love to try new things, to wear something that is up to date. But, as a mother of two, i have no time for it. I got to change my wardrobe. I got to have few times for myself. But yet, i can't. Some more, i need to wear something that easy for me to breastfeed my children. And with this problem, i come up to an idea of designing my own clothes. ;) I'm in the mid of it now. Wait okay.. ;)

If we put housewife as a job, for sure, we will wake up as early as 5 am to get things ready. We got to take bath, Subuh prayer and get the house clean. If we think housewife as a job, of course we will dress like we gonna off to work. We will wear something nice to put on. Because we are working! Kalau nak menunggu jalan dan keluar rumah baru nak cantik, jarang la kita housewife ni nak bercantik-cantik. So, perempuan-perempuan bergelar housewife, boleh lah bercantik-cantik setiap hari seperti perempuan-perempuan yang pergi ofis tiap hari tu. ;)

Whatever you are is, please put something nice on either you are at home or even outside. Especially when ur husband is around. Lotion, please don't forget to put on. Perfume, please spray it on to have a pleasant smell on you. Takdela anak kalo nak bermanja kita bau masam. ;)

Okay. Checklist:

1) Bangun awal pagi. Sebelum subuh dah mandi and prepare for Subuh prayer. Everytime solat, put some perfume (attar). Solat pun mesti wangi, okay!

2) Tiap hari nak kerja di rumah baju mesti cantik! At least kemas. ;)

3) Jangan lupa pakai lotion. Jangan lupa spray minyak wangi. Jangan lupa sapu cream stretch mark. Jangan lupa urut susu tiap hari. ;)

4) Rumah mesti bersih, tip top. Tiap hari mesti bersih!

5) Masak best-best tiap hari. Serve la macam kat hotel. (plan ur meals everyweek! know what to cook)

6) Bilik tidur mesti macam bilik pengantin. Wangi dan cantik!

7) Have some schedule for the kids. Spare some time with the kids.

Okay? Ada pape lagi tak nak tambah?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Wow. New look. Shows that its been quiet some time I didn't hop in to even just view my blog.

Well. I am now a mother of 2. One, to a 3 years old toddler whose need so much attention. Another one , to a one year old boy whose now cries whenever the mother on the computer. What do you expect? ;)

But now, I am so much settled. So, I have time to just scribbles few things that i guess i can share. ;)

Today was a very beautiful Sunday for me. Even though my husband is not around (away to Jakarta for some job). My parents accompany me and the children for one night at the apartment. The kids had fun when the neneks are around. I cooked simple dish for dinner and then we had durians that mak bought at the jucntion before turning to my apartment. We went to AAA, a 24 hours groceries store near here to buy few stuff for making breakfast tomorrow. Planning to cook nasi lemak ayam berempah and yes, i've made it! ;) Alhamdulillah. Kak Su and the family do came to have breakfast with us. And she brought cakes! Yes, Red velvet. Another Alhamdulillah to say. :)

Around 2 pm, mak and ayah went back to Bangsar and there left me and the kids alone again. I cried (seriously) when i saw their car down from my apartment. I feel so lonely. The kids were sleeping when they were off. So, left me alone.

Not long after that, my cousin Akmal is coming over to send me some cupcakes she baked. Yes, another alhamdulillah to say. :) The cupcakes were awesome nice!

I contacted my good friend Neng to come over. I need her to be my model for my scarfs. So, she came over with her boyfriend and another good friend, Fifi. We cooked kerang, udang, ikan kembung goreng, sayur kailan for dinner. We had a blast dinner! Another Alhamdulillah.

We had some chit chat and makeup study session from neng. Hehe.

Well, my day was so awesome! Thank you Allah.

But for what i can conclude, be good to your parents. Allah will arrange everything for you, InsyaAllah. ;)

Hope my day ahead will be always blessed. Amin.