Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gosh! Its June!


I was busy and still busy of planning and managing my family. Busy of the two kids, teaching them whatever I can. I was busy of cleaning my house, my everyday chores. Busy of planning what to cook. Busy of my thesis. Busy of planning to meet the lecturers. And alot of things! Now, busy of dreaming my new kitchen, my new bedroom, the kid's bedroom. Busy of dreaming of how can I be a perfect housewife. And busy how can I reach jannah. Firdaus.

With all the business, I didn't realize its already June. Which I think its still April! Gosh, i am 2 months far back. Huhu. :(

June. Month's of my anniversary. Month's of his birthday. Special month's for us.

No wonder he did mentioned about giving me gift. Mentioned about we're gonna be 5 years together. Mentioned about how he appreciated we as a family. And I didn't notice its June, and we are near the anniversary date!

9th June 2007. Happy 5th Anniversary Sayang. I really hope, cinta kita sampai ke syurga.

p/s thinking what to do and how to celebrate the 5th year of togetherness. ;) any idea?

Time tengah kenal-kenal dan dating ;)

Nikah. 09 June 07

@ Candi Ratu Boko, Jogja. Dah 2 anak kami. :)

My first daughter : Zara Nadeeya Sekar Ayuningrum. She's 3 years now

My son: Murad Al Fatih Satrio Utomo. He is 1 year 2 moths now.

My happy family. I hope we all can meet again in jannah. Amin