Friday, October 12, 2012

Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin

Yes, i know its already nearly two months we've been away from syawal. But still i feel the vibes of,syawal ,since that this our first time celebrating eid with my father in law in jogja. And that's mean, that was the first time i am celebrating eid away from my parents. I still remember the feeling of leaving on the airplane, looking at my parents waving goodbye at the airport, hearing my parents voice on the phone by the time we arrived jakarta and the feeling of hearing takbir on the eid. Deep inside i miss to celebeate eid with my parents but i know, i can't be selfish. My kids need to learn of how to compromise and they also need to know their family back in indonesia. This is the right time for them to know the family. moreover, that,eid was my husband celebration with hisdad after 22 years. Myfather in law did,say this 'lebih dua puluh tahun bapak nunggu lebaran ini. Inilah lebaran yang bapak tunggu tunggu dan baru terasa seperti meraikannya'. Ya lebih kurang begitulah bunyi nya.