Saturday, July 25, 2009

Your New Episode - Its The Beautiful World!!!

Selasa. 14 April 2009. Me and ayah were strolling on the bed, having a nice Tuesday together, with the fine weather.

Around 12++ pm I realize, "kenapa kok selalu basah nih mas?" Akhirnya nenek suruh ke hospital aja. Takutnya air ketuban bunda pecah.

So I went to the hospital with ayah. Bener, ternyata i have leaking. Udah 2 hari. So the doctor said its not good. Since i don't have the sign to give birth (contraction), they got to induce me the next morning, at 6 am. So, they warded me at 4 pm, on the 14th April.

So, i got to be prepared to be induce. They told me its more painful than a normal birth since itu harus dipaksa. But, i got to, so that Zara is safe. ;)

Malam itu, nenek, tante usu ke hospital, liat bunda dan hantar bantal buat bunda. Bunda disuruh nenek minum minyak selusuh.Sekali makan 3 sendok!!! Kata sedara2 cuman 3 titik!!! Hehe. Bunda jugak minum teh + telur ayam kampung mentah. Its not nice to be frank. But i got to. Nenek asked me to drink that! ;P

Malam nya, jam 12+am, kok banyak darah dan lendir ya? Bunda tanyain nurse. Katanya, bunda udah mau melahirkan. So, I just wait. Wait, Wait and Wait.

WOW! What kind of painful is this???? Ya Allah, is so so so painful. My back feel so much pain! Its millions millions of period pain if i can explain it..But so much pain until I really can't bear it. I called the nurse.The nurse called the dr. Yes, 3cm. So the doctor send me down tothe labour room.

Here comes the screaming part. All the energy i've saved to be burn all here in the labour room. I called ur dad to come into the room. And he came when i already starting to scream and push! ;) [oh, how i miss that moment!]. Your dad is just beside me to support me.

I push~push~and push. No sign of you going to pop out soon. The nurse telling me that the way i push is wrong, so theyteach me. With only 3 times of applying what they have teached me, u came out!

Luckily u came out, coz i already feel so tired to just let the nurse take you out using any kind of method coz i can't afford to push anymore. Alhamdulillah. Zara keluar. Bener, i don't feel that you were so near to meet me and ayah until i have to give up. ;)

Even thou sakit dijahit and everything and tired or whatever, i was so released and so happy to see you beside me. ;)


WELCOME to the world sayang. Here, ayah and bunda are always be with you.



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