Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our first eye contact, heart-heart words..;)

The nurses are busy cleaning, and bathing you up, just beside me. That's makes me forget the pain of what the other nurse was doing down there (jahit yang telah terkoyak..;P). You are such a beautiful baby.. :'). Started to miss the moments.

Then, both of us back to the ward, its around 5am. I tot i can have good sleep, after having those pushing thing..But, u keep crying, I guess u wanna milk, so i tryto breastfeed you but, my first attemp was failed!!!! I keep on, but, it always failed.

Not until 6 hours later, around 10am, then u have ur first milk from me. Alhamdulillah. I feel so released and i haven't slept yet. It was so tiring. And, at the same time, we have our first eye contact. U r looking straight into my eyes, and i really can't believe it!!!! I am so touched and so happy!!! U look at me deep in my eyes, showing that u wanna know me. :)

Thanx for greeting me sayang. I love you.



Bunda sebetulnya tidak dapat menceritakan betapa suka dan terharunya bunda bila Zara sudah ada di sini bersama bunda. Every words i said here really can't imagine of how much i love you.




  1. wah bila zara dapat membaca pasti terharu

  2. ya zid...its just untuk bacaan aku sendiri bila tua nanti.. ;)