Saturday, July 9, 2011

From bunda to ayah: Miss you

Assalamualaikum mas. Sudah makan? Update bunda?

  • I hardly have time to even drink water, pasti selalu lupa dan tidak berkesempatan. Di saat inilah selalu kangen sama mas yang suka bawakan dinda minum.
  • I don't even have time to comb my hair. But anyway, u know i seldom comb my hair. Hehe.
  • I am now know how to make trifle. :)
  • Always wishing to have time for massaging.
  • Jamu bunda belum habis. Nanti mas pulang pengen minum lagi. Plus, tapel. Ga ada yang napalin dinda. Huhu. Plus, pakai stagen. Biar singset lagi! :)
  • Everytime bunda ke rumah mak baru bunda berkesempatan mandi shampoo rambut dan berehat. :)
  • Early August i have appointment with Dr. Alin. For the data review. You will go with me ok? :)
  • Last but not least, I always miss you. Me and our two kids. We'll wait for you.
p/s take care. I am planning to cut my hair tomorrow.

having my good time with adek and kecik at sushi king while Zara at nenek's hse

My dinner 

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