Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip to Jakarta

Zara yang boring ;P

"Main botol nen je lah!"

Zara foto bergaya di rumah Oma ;)

Yesterday, we had our trip to Jakarta again. This time, we are heading to Niko's mom, my in law, Zara's Oma. This trip is kinda tiring for me since the day before, i don't really have a good sleep. I have to clean up the house before we were off to Jakarta. Then, getting ready our stuff to Jakarta is another thingy. One more thing, I got to settle up my bills and hutang piutang before i go somewhere, so there's a lot of hassle before we went to Jakarta. But, alhamdulillah, here we are, in Jakarta, leaving our house and hutang settled! ;)

Its time for me to enjoy myself!

Yes, i am enjoying myself. Even there's a part that sometimes makes me feel 'hmm..i don't enjoy this moment', but, its just a small matter to deal with. Just forgive and forget! ;)

I am looking forward for Tanah Abang tomorrow dan kalau sempat, to Mayestik. I am looking for kains to jual back home. ;) Nak cari kain langsir untuk bilik jugak dan juga kain cadar katil. ;)

Zara? Of course being pampered so much over here and she's enjoying that. Even though dia dah lupa her Opa, takut bila tengok Opa, but, its a small matter she can handled with. :)

Niko? Mestilah senang berjumpa orang tua. Let him enjoy himself! ;)

But anyway, i always wonder about my mom now. Before we go, dia sakit kaki and hardly walk. I hope she is doing fine and we miss her so much now.

Whatever we have in our life, about the small thing that annoyed you, just forget it! Find things that can make urself happy. For me, Zara is enough to always makes me smile again. Love u Zara!

p/s baru je berurut kat rumah selama lebih sejam, rasa macam kat spa, dan harga? RM6.. boleh caya? ;) this is what i mean enjoying myself! ;)

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