Friday, July 23, 2010

New Momentum

Salam everyone (or no one?)

Its been quite a long time I didn't even hop in into my own blog. Yes, I am quite busy with Zara, lately. Yes, she always need the attention.

Alright, I know that my posts before were like 'not-so-much-of-sharing' - i don't know. Its just like an ordinary diary written by a boring mother. Hehe. I will InsyaAllah try to make this time better, at least i put some information. :)

But, I am sorry if there's nothing benefits you here. I hope, by just reading the life of a mommy will make you smile and make your day.

For me, I can't do so much to help the others outside my small world which is my family. I always dream of helping or spreading knowledge to anyone who need it. And, in this conventional world, I should be a teacher or lecturer or any related to it. But, i chose to be a fulltime mother and sit and play with Zara all day. ;)

Its okay, now, I can still share with everyone. I can still teach whatever I know. I can still spread the knowledge to the one who need it. Yes, better here, in this blog. Cause, sharing here is no limit.

So, by today, I wanted to share.

Semoga dengan niat ikhlas ini, boleh lah saya mendapat sedikit pahala dengan harapan apa yang saya kongsikan memberi manfaat kepada umat manusia.


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